Retirement Program

Retirement Planning is like climbing to the top of a mountain; it requires constant course correction. Therefore, we developed our retirement program to not only tailor fit you and your objectives, but to be refitted when your objectives change.

We implement our proprietary 3-year Forward Tax Plan to perpetuate additional tax savings. Designed by Jeff Schnuepper, CPA and author of “How to Pay Zero Taxes, “a novelty literature in its 37th printing nationwide, we help create tax savings that can be used as investable income.

We assess your current asset allocations to ensure they are suitable and performative. The percentage of assets allocated within each category in your portfolio depends on your current retirement needs, time horizon and risk threshold. 

Life is full of surprises; sometimes, these surprises come in form of unexpected costs. If your expenses and costs surpass your income, you have a retirement income gap. Retirement income gaps can be avoided if a contingency plan is designed for your future. 

Legacy planning is not only for the wealthy. The coupled creation of both a will and a trust can work wonders for potential alleviation of estate taxes, which can be as high as 40%. Regardless of your net worth, any amount of money that can be preserved for your heirs is special.

Tax Plan



Legacy Plan

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