Options Program 

The first “Option” was used in ancient Greece to speculate the growth of the olive harvest. Today, they are known as stock options. Stock Options are both revered and respected for their performance,  delivering almost mythical returns as high as 1,000% in only a few days. They are known as one of the riskiest investment instruments.

Most Investment Advisors gravitate away from stock options because of their sophistication. Hedge funds employ options, but clients need at least $5 million to invest. Then, you have unlicensed traders with no professional training. However, there is a way to employ stock options for yourself. There is an OCM way. And we seek to deliver consistent 22-40% returns within your account, per annum.

We have developed an Options Trading Program to serve as an aggressive growth allocation for client portfolios. By using proprietary strategies crafted by Ted Friell III, a professional trader from the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, we have devised an in-house position that is unique along the east coast of the United States. 

Stock Options grant leverage in your portfolio, unlike any other investment:

  • Seek aggressive growth for your retirement.
  • Create greater income from your portfolio.
  • Make money when markets decline.

The Overview


In Retirement

Down Markets

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