Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is often overlooked due to its complexity; however, a deeper look would reveal that many of us believe legacy planning only applies to the rich and famous. This is far from the truth. It is important to remember that legacy planning not only encompasses financial assets, but the transference of goals, history and culture. 

It’s not about multimillion dollar trusts. It’s about how you want your assets to pass on and to whom you want them to pass to.

OCM helps retirees coordinate the creation of wills, trusts and various other legacy planning instruments with an estate attorney. As an Investment Advisor firm, we believe the creation of wealth is admirable, but without the proper tactics for preserving and transferring this wealth, the pursuit of wealth could be in vain; whether the amount is considered inadequate to you, it might be sufficient for preservative strategies.



Power of Attorney

Medical Proxies

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