Firm Operations

Oxley Capital Management doesn’t just sound and look different. We are different. Our strong differentiation is attributed to our firm operation’s structure; we are a proprietary private wealth management firm with an in-house advisor training facility, trading desk, research center and comprehensive investment plan design team.

Advisor Training Program

The OCM Wealth Management Investment Advisor Program is a rigorous and challenging development initiative intended to prepare recruits to best serve their clients. The program is an intense 36-months of training and development. At the end of the three-phase program, Investment Advisor Representatives are fully prepared to take their place among our elite Investment Advisor workforce.

Training is a big part of our organization. Therefore, we dedicate a lot of time and attention into developing worthy recruits whom demonstrate talent and vigor. The foundation of our firm consists of our well trained Advisors, as it is them who carry OCM into the future.

Our training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Finance, wealth and investment strategies.
  • How to assess client suitability.
  • Development of investment plans using proprietary research.
  • How to balance referral activities, customer follow-ups and administrative tasks.
  • Comply with all regulatory requirements, including licensing and registrations.

Stock Options Trading Desk

Unique to us, we manage client assets with discretion and trade stock options within our Options Trading Program. It is rare for an Investment Advisor firm to trade stock options given their sophistication and we wear that badge proudly. 

The program itself was launched by John Oxley, OCM CEO, with the mentorship and direction of Ted Friel III. Ted worked as an options specialist on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange for more than 30 years, collecting experience and building the nation’s largest options agency. After selling his company and retiring, he returned to the frontier with OCM, collaborating with John Oxley to craft the world’s finest aggressive growth program for retirees and wealthy investors.


At OCM, we understand the importance of high quality, thought-leading research and its place in successfully managed portfolios. Our institution has been providing research since 1974 and has quickly established itself as one of the most trusted sources of independent financial research. 

Not only is our research used to develop strategies, but we employ its use when delivering exclusive content through our website. If you’re a sophisticated investor who enjoys learning more about portfolio management and tactics, we have a whole database of content ready for you to explore.

Our research covers the following topics:

  • Security analysis and valuation.
  • Fixed income and structured finance.
  • Factors, risk premia.
  • Portfolio management/multi-asset allocation.
  • Quantitative methods.
  • Risk management.
  • Real assets/alternative investments/private equity.
  • Long-term/retirement investing.
  • Performance measurement.
  • Legal/regulatory/public policy.
  • International investing.
  • Derivatives.
  • Mutual funds, passive investing/indexing.

Investment Plan Design Team

For most Investment Advisor firms, investment plans are designed by your financial advisor. However, this can be a disadvantage for the client. Fluency and success arrives after not hours, but years of repetition. Even more, the factor of success increases with research and collaboration. This is mastery. OCM uses a full comprehensive case design team for engineering and integrating investment portfolio models.

Because our team has more than 30 years of experience, our Investment Advisor Representatives collaborate with them to design each and every investment plan. You’re not leaving your portfolio success up to one man. You’re leaving it up to an entire company who cares about you.

Do you need an Investment Advisor?

An Investment Advisor is an entity licensed to give comprehensive investment advice and charge a fee. They are renowned for their investment knowledge and strategic approach towards portfolio construction.

Are you a DIY Investor?

As a DIY investor, you’re likely to encounter obstacles such as limitation of investment strategies and maneuvers. 

Seminars & Workshops

OCM hosts seminars each and ever month. We might even sponsor events near you.


We employ the expertise of superlative active managers, whom seek to deliver Alpha, while delivering some downside protection. Although there are merits to index-based passively held strategies, such strategies are unable to deviate from their rule-based discipline. Active managers have great flexibility and can adapt to changing market conditions.


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