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Investment Advisor Representatives

Oxley Capital Management is hiring Investment Advisor Representatives. We’re looking for professionals with a proven track record of success to join our growing Investment Advisory and Management firm. If you’re an ambitious individual who doesn’t want their careers to be limited by earning potential, this is the position for you.

As an Investment Advisor, you’re expected to provide solutions to accumulate, preserve, and protect wealth for your clients throughout all of life’s circumstances, both expected and unexpected. You must maintain a direct relationship with clients. This includes informing them of day-to-day operations.

The Opportunity

Because finding clients can be difficult for entrepreneurs, we’ve established a proven client acquisition model. Each month, we host educational events that generate an average of 40 attendants. OCM hosts these events free of charge for our Investment Advisor Representatives for the first year.

Our goal is to automate the client generation procedure. However, you’re still expected to build your practice in your community. You’ll rely on your personal drive, leadership and relationship-building skills to build personal business and deliver personalized investment solutions to your clients.

The Support

We offer Investment Advisor Representatives a support team for acquiring clients and assisting them, such as:

  • An expert compliance and case design team.
  • Relationship with Tax Attorney and CPA.
  • Marketing team.
  • Options trading team.

Although our Investment Advisors operate autonomous practices, they aren’t on their own. In fact, we work with more than 80+ premier money managers, which are available on demand for tips, tricks, and valuable insight into investment selection.

We help you:

  1. Grow your business network: we’ll assist you with Bloomberg software, tax, estate, and case design experts from input to implementation.
  2. Confidently build relationships with clients: OCM will provide you with several solutions that you can present to your client.
  3. Continuously learn: by using our resources and technologies to optimize the client experience, you’ll gain insight into future business potential.

The OCM Model

  1. Lead Generation: using a combination of digital advertising and event planning, we’ll fill the top of our sales funnel with prospective clients with whom you’ll need to meet with and build relationships.
  2. Portfolio Analysis: acquire data from the client and form a comprehensive understanding of their needs.
  3. Solution: create a tailored solution using our Case Design Team.
  4. Build Long-term Relationship: make a friend, be a friend, and receive highest fee-based payouts in the industry.


  • Series 65 License.
  • 3-years’ experience.
  • Strong knowledge of investment business and financial planning concepts.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


If you think you’re a perfect fit for this position, please apply by submitting your resume to and filling out the bottom form.

We look forward to reviewing your application.

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